Friday, May 08, 2009

The ‘ONE HOPE: 1000 Paper cranes’ project

(my first crane for the project)
Little Tiara, a blogger friend of mine in Indonesia is calling for participants to the project to hold paper cranes. It is Nanette that has first started up the project. They want to do something for WWF to save the rain forests and the endangered animals in Indonesia and in order to help them carry it out, Nanette came up to the idea of "Japanese 1000 paper cranes".

It has been traditionally said for long in Japan that if you hold the thousand paper cranes, your wish and dream will come true. Since a crane is considered as a sacred bird in our country, people do love this bird and is considered as a symbol of happiness and prosperity. In fact, a group of friends often hold the thousand paper cranes for their sick friend with a prayer that she/he will get well soon. Or in other case, friends make cranes so that their friend will make a good achievement on his/her career or some specific goal.
So as one of the Japanese, I'd rather join the project and help them out to complete 1000 paper cranes together.
Most of the Japanese are able to hold a paper crane since they learn from their mothers or family or even at a kindergarten and knows what "the thousand paper cranes" is for.

Now for those who have never held papers into a crane, here is an animation page for instructions from the official origami (holding paper in Japanese) club. You can download many colorful and pattern holdingpapers from here too. You may find it very interesting.

We are supposed to take a picture of a paper crane you make and email to the address mentioned in Little Tiara's blog. Here is her site.

I really hope they can achieve their goal.
I have already asked some of my Japanese friends to make some paper cranes and send the pictures. Good luck Little Tiara and Nanette!

(my second crane)


Dionne said...

Oh your crane looks lovely. As I told Tiara on her blog, I have never made one before, but can't wait to try! I have put aside some time next week to try and make some, but I know that my attempts will look nowhere near as lovely as yours!

Little Miss Tiara said...

Oh! Thank you! Your origami paper is so pretty! And woots! Your paper cranes are soooo very neat! :D I can't beat you in any way, lol.

And thank you so very very much for asking your friends to make one too... Really appreciate that! :) and for promoting it here too!

And Dionne, I can't wait to see yours! It was pretty complicated at first, but once you know how, it'll be pretty easy ;)


this is why I love the BLOG sphere so much...many ways that we can touch each other's life... Fantastic! Lovely weekend to you as well...

Nanette said...

i never been this happy in my life to see someone that i don't know is helping me.
this has been a great journey to see and read somebody's blog about my project.
this feeling that comes out with excitement and joy. thank you very much for helping me :)
i don't know what to say.. :)
i really really send my regards to you.
your cordiality means the world to me.

can't wait to see the others from you soon *big smile*

best regards,

photojoy said...

Dionne, if you have time, try it. You can download some origami papers from the site I linked.

Little Tiara, I'll be happy to join the project. Hope many will find holding cranes interesting.

Lenorenevermore, thank you for a heartful comment. Yes, I learn a lot from you and many other bloggers overseas. That's exciting.

And, Nanette,
Thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving a kind message. I was admired how young gilrs like Tiara and you are so global minded to the life. I'm not sure how much I can be helpful but I'll try to ask some more friends to hold cranes.