Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good luck charm

I got this cute little ceramic miniature clogs from the shop at the Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo this past March. This pair is a product of Arita-yaki, one of the famous porcelain wares in Japan. Since this is such a little miniature, the price is quite reasonable for Arita-yaki. Then I just wondered why they made a miniature of Japanese clogs. There must be some reason for it. I saw a small card behind the clogs. See, it had its own meaning. The card says,"Put this pair on the shoe board at your house entrance then more friends will come to visit you." It's a good luck charm! There were some more explanations about this miniature clogs. It said that originally it has been used as a charm that small children and aging people won't fall down and hurt themselves. I liked the idea so much. I thought it would make a nice souvenir for my husband mother. So this pair is now on the shoe board at our home. Speaking of a good luck charm, we have many other charms in our culture and might be interesting to know each story.
Do you have any good charms in your culture? What is your favorite?

these are more pictures from the online shop.


Jeany said...

Hi Mekkan, how nice does little shoes, it is for us totally an Japan product. I didn’t know that it is a good luck charm. I have my owls as an good luck charm, and minerals, do you know this item? They also called semiprecious stone , like agate and amethyst. Best wishes from Jeany

Anya said...

What lovely shoes,
they look fantastic:))
Thanks for sharing, its always nice to now more about shoes from Japan ;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely charm!!

Little Miss Tiara said...

so cuuute!!! I want one! And it's a lucky charm! D: wow!

Dionne said...

OH I didn't see this post earlier! These are adorable! How cute!