Sunday, May 17, 2009

Full of azaleas in our garden

Now azaleas are just at their best in our garden.
We live in a very Japanese style house and our garden is full of trees and flowers.
Gee, but when it comes to the reality on the issue of maintenance, it's really a pain in the neck.
Enjoying the scenery and taking care of the house and its garden is completely a different matter. Our house is very old and handed down from the previous two or three generations. Neighbors and friends are likely to give us an advice saying, "Next time you rebuild the house, you'll make a modern, so-called western style house. "
Yes, it is indeed very popular and at a new residence area, it is full of modern and nice houses. I used to throw an envious glance at it whenever I visited any of my friends' houses where they live very comfortable life with good equipments and safe structure against the earthquake. However, as I live here for more than 20 years, I gradually feel this is something very fortunate that our family owns this traditional housing right at the center of the city. Now my husband and I are really considering how to improve our house instead of rebuilding. Maybe we need a good architecture who understands our concept, the combination of old and new. I really love a traditional house with tatami floors and screen slide doors.


Lindsey said...

I am right there with you! Please don't change your house. Once you do, it will never have the same charm, the same stories. I think you should shop for the right architect and do what you can to make your home safe and sturdy, but don't change it. It sounds like you have too much history there. And who knows, if you make it secure, you can continue to pass it on to future generations!

Anya said...

Wow !!
Beautiful post :)
I love azaleas,
I have many colors in my garden !!
I wish you very much succes with your architect,
don't change everything ;)
Have a nice day !!

Jeany said...

Good morning ( at our place). I love the azaleas’ too, and off course a earthquake safe house is important, especially because there are often earthquakes in your country. But I love the “old” traditional houses, the way you describe your house. That is what I like on pictures from houses in Japan, so beautiful. It will be the same as you see photo’s from the windmills in Holland, I think? There is so many character in those houses, I can imagine that it is a lot off work, but is most be beautiful liven in it. I hope you can find the right way to express your taste in improving your house.Best wishes from Jeany

Dionne said...

Oh I want a garden so badly! The maintenance must certainly be worth the reward of their beauty.

And I agree - don't get rid of the lovely tradition of your home, it gives it character and something that the other homes in your area don't have. I think it's a great idea you have to just add improvements, rather than rebuilding.

photojoy said...

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I've got to study a lot about improving a house. Gee, I have many things to do---including things I don't want to do but have to.

Kotori said...

I completely agree with you - I love the idea of keeping your house traditional. I am not a fan of the cookie cutter type houses or ones that look just like the rest. It's so nice to have a house with a little character and some history!

Pamela said...

What gorgeous azaleas!

Oh, I love the idea of keeping your house traditional. I would love to see a picture of it!

My Japanese friend that I've told you about, Yumiko, is an architect, that specializes in green living. Would you like her contact information? Maybe she could give you some ideas?