Sunday, May 03, 2009

We are in the midst of Golden Week

You may think what is "Golden week" all about? In Japan , starting from April 29 to May 5, we have a cluster of national holidays. April 29 was the past Emperor's birthday and even now is designated as a national holiday for his memory. Then May 3 is a Japanese Constitution Memorial day which was set for the memory of the first Constitution after WWII being effected on this day. May 5 is the Children's Day which has been celebrated for centuries for children's healthy and happy life. And May 4 has been designated as a national holiday recently for the very practical reason that 4th falls on in between the two national holidays and adding to that, this year May 3 falls on Sunday that makes it possible for us to have a substitute holiday on May 6. So it may be worth of being named "golden " since we enjoy a long holiday at one of the nicest season throughout a year. And the picture was the one I took my children on the Children's Day just twenty years ago. Traditionally on this day families celebrate their children's good health and happiness in various way :setting special decorations of samurai dolls inside and flying huge carp-shaped streamers like we fly a flag outside the house not to mention some traditional dishes for this day.
This week, every school is off and my daughter is back home now and was so curious why I was trying to pick up this picture from the old photo album and she now knows the reason and didn't refuse that her portray is going to be uploaded in my blog. Well, there is no reason for her to refuse anymore. Her face on this picture is not recognized today by anyone. Indeed, she has grown up!



Such a lovely tradition...I always adore & respect different cultures! Lovely weekend to you & family! XO*

Little Miss Tiara said...

Aww! That's sweet! I've heard of it, or read it in some comic books, that's a very interesting tradition :D and the picture is so cute!

Anya said...

Lovely tradition in Japan :))

Dionne said...

Wow, that sure is a nice long holiday period! I love that! And I love the idea of Children's Day! We have nothing like that in the US or Australia - just Mother's Day and Father's Day - nothing for the kids!

I love this photo of your children, they are so cute!