Friday, May 22, 2009

Lotus root chips

Enjoy lotus roots! A friend of mine gave me some fresh lotus roots and I made lotus root chips. They are very popular vegetable in Japan. You can't miss it at any grocery stores. They are sold fresh in mud or washed. I usually pick up ones in mud since they will stay fresh much longer. When I was a student in South Bend, Indiana, at a grocery store I found cannted lotus roots in slices, but its taste was terrible. They had lost a crunchy taste of its texture. There is nothing better than fresh.

The most popular way of cooking is boiled and sliced lotus roots in sweet vinegar. You see, its appearance is very decorative with many holes. From this shape, it has been said that we can prospect our future through these holes. Lotus roots are considered as one of the auspicious vegetable to eat on a happy occasion. In fact sliced lotus roots in sweet vinegar are must for the New Year dishes.

Other than this, we often boil or fry with other vegetables with soy sauce. They make good deep fried "tempura" as well. Children love this crispy "lotus root chips" so much and so do I.

Did you ever try lotus roots?


Pamela said...

Those look so yummy! And beautiful, too! If I visit Japan someday will you make me some? :)

Also, thank you for your kind words regarding my mother. I'm happy you took the time to read that post. Melanoma is definitely a scary thing. I can't believe her cancer started with a mole!

My friend, Yumiko, recently returned from Japan and brought me back two pairs of arm sleeves that contain spf material. Have you see them before? They are soo cool! I wear them all the time now.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

Little Miss Tiara said...

wow! I never know that lotus roots is edible! That looks yummy! How does it taste? Is it sweet or salty? hmm... the more I read your blog, the more I want to go to Japan, you should prepare one room for me, because I'd be too poor to book a hotel if I want to eat everything there, haha... lol :P

Lindsey said...

No, I've never tried them. What do they taste like, a chip? Or are they sweet?

I have a Korean foreign exchange student in my class this year and today she brought us rice pies. She said they aren't authentic...I have a feeling everything we get here in the states is a poor excuse for the real thing.

In response to your question on my blog, I definitely think Dionne is going to host another Swap this summer. I haven't heard anything to the contrary, and it was such a success that she must do it again!

Dionne said...

These are amazing! I have seen them used in artwork before but never knew they were edible! How lovely!

I noticed Lindsey's comment - yes, there's another swap. I posted the details on it today!

Anya said...

What a lovely long post :)
I never seen those chips before ;)
Nice flower
in beautiful pink color ^__^


Yes I have, there is this great Chinese restaurant that serve them in the pork soup... I always adore Lotus flower & its symbolism; from a muddy water comes this beautiful flowers! ~Great weekend to you! XO*

Jeany said...

it looks deligiace, but I didn't know you can eat those? The last photo is so beautifull, Have a nive weekend, greetz from jeany

{lovely little things} said...

What crazy shapes! I had these in a stir-fry at a fancy Asian restaurant once and had NO idea what they were. Thanks for explaining the mystery!