Friday, June 11, 2010

Yay, TGIF!

(by photojoy)

It was an exhausting week! So I'm deserved to have some sweets! This is a bowl of shaved ice with green tea syrup. Now it's getting hotter and damper as the summer is getting close to us. It's the season of shaved ice with syrup and ice cream. What do you think ? I love Japanese sweets. By the way I was visiting Kyoto last Saturday and had a chance to eat in at this sweet shop. It's a very popular tea house run by a famous Japanese tea company in Kyoto especially among females of all ages.

(image from google images)
There are always a long line to get in. Girls are often so patience when it comes to having something delicious. We can't miss it. Thanks God, that afternoon we didn't have to wait in line. How lucky!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lazy Dessert

Remember? I went to pick up strawberries at my friend's last month. I made bottles of jams and syrups out of them and there were still lots of fresh ones left -----mostly they were small. What I did was I kept them in the freezer so that we could enjoy them anytime after the season.

So just put some in a glass, pour a strawberry sauce and add mint leaves. Here you are!
Lazy Frozen Strawberries Dessert!
By the time you finish the meal, frozen strawberries are just about ready. There is no way I spoil dessert. Lazy indeed.