Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More about cranes

Since I 've talked of Little Tiara and Nanette's a thousand cranes project, some of my friends in Japan have folded cute little cranes, taken pictures and sent these to me. I've already forwarded them to Tiara but since these cranes are so adorable, I've decided to post them here and show you all those cranes.

A "thousand cranes " has a very important meaning to the Japanese. First, a crane is a symbol of good fortune, good health, and long life to us. So a crane is always one of the popular origami figures for us to make. Since it is a symbol of good fortune and good health, sometimes in life, we face the situation to fold a thousand cranes for some ones who are very sick or in despair. One of the famous stories is "Sadako and the thousand cranes", which is a very sad but encouraging story. We learn the importance of world peace from her story. Here is the wikipedia on this topic. And thank you, Lenorenevermore, for reminding me of writing about Sadako in your comment.


Dionne said...

I love how graceful these origami cranes look, but yet they have a symmetrical, constructed shape - so pretty.

And thanks for the Sadako link.

Kotori said...

I love oragami crane they seem so delicate and graceful but they really hold together so strong. Such an interesting contrast... I hope you'll post more!


You are welcome dear...Her story touched me...I wonder if they made a movie about her life? I should google it... :) Lovely day to you!

Little Miss Tiara said...

Aww... those papers are so pretty! And the origami too! Btw, I don't receive the first pic... and now I'm going to the Sadako story (eh? It reminds me of a famous horror movie, the ring. the ghost's name Sadako, right? hehe