Sunday, November 30, 2008


If I don't have a friend whose career is so much related to Kabuki, I wouldn't have had a chance to enjoy one of the sophisticated culture of my country.

Let me talk about Kabuki for those who don't know what is all about.

Kabuki is a form of classical theater that started in the early seventeenth century. It is characterized by the rhythm of the lines spoken by the actors, extravagant costumes, flamboyant makeup, and the use of mechanical devices to achieve special effects on stage. Most of the plays based on medieval or warriors period or Edo period (just about between 7 to17 centuries)themes, and all the actors, even those playing female roles, are men.
The world of Kabuki fascinates many people from abroad as well as the Japanese.

Well, a friend of mine who commits his life to the Kabuki world is not a Kabuki actor. He is so-called "a chanter" who plays an important role telling a story during the play.
On one of the days during the run, I make it a rule to see the Kabuki with one of my good friends and really have a good time to enjoy the Kabuki world. I'm really proud of him to devote himself for the traditional Japanese culture.

Monday, October 13, 2008

One of my favorites of these days

For these months, precisely since April, I've been just absorbed with this English learning application on the web called "iKnow!" run by a group of young IT professionals consisted of various nationalities.
They have many different learning applications of all kinds and levels.
What I like best about "iKnow" is that I can read, listen and typing many phrases and sentences and I only finish one application by marking 100%for each vocabulary.
In other words, a certain vocabulary is showing up over and over until I am supposed to tell that I've made myself understood a new vocabulary.
What's more I can make friends beyond sexes and ages with the same concern of learning English by requesting as "Friends" so that we exchange comments, sending some greetings and writing diary.
For those being interested in learning Japanese, they have a Japanese learning application as well. Would you like to try just to know what Japanese language is like.

Monday, October 06, 2008

It's October.

(image from the previous year)
(things we need for putting new screen paper)

Well, it's kind of threatening for a housewife to know that we have only three months to go before the new year. There are more or less household chores for a typical Japanese housewife to meet the first day of the new year.
Here are my top three annual chores to do:
1) changing the old paper screens to the new ones
2) wiping out all the windows
3) cleaning up shelves and closets in the house.

Chore 1) is quite a task for me. Since there are quite a number of shouji( paper sliding doors) in our house, I can't finish all in one day nor I'm not going to change all every year. I take two years to finish all paper screens to new ones. When every October arrives, I start to make a plan how I start with this job, making plan on how many sliding doors I should work on this year, getting rolls of screen paper,special glue for door frames and a good small blade.
I also check the weather report to know the days must be fine and warm. This is true for Chore 2) as well. Chore 3) is, I believe,just easy for a good housewife who is good at putting things in the house in order, but this is not for me and I prone to leave this chore undone at the end of the year making a excuse to myself saying "Well, let's try to get things in order in my daily life next year. With every day efforts, I don't have to struggle at the end of the year like this."
I've been saying this for these years. what an experienced housewife!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Funniest story about sushi

I just burst into a big laughter to see it. If you are Japanese or anyone familiar with our culture, you will be just surprise to watch this film and wonder who on the earth made this story and what's for?The story is partly true and partly wrong but you can't blame it. It is just a harmless and funny story I have ever seen before.

It has a useful aspect of learning English vocabularies, though.I learn fish names and some other vocabularies often used at the Japanese sushi restaurant.In fact the last time I had sushi at the sushi restaurant with the guests from abroad, they wanted to identify each slice of fish on a sushi rice cake on their plate before they put them into their mouth. If I should have known each name in English, they could have enjoyed the meal without being skeptical.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guests from South Africa

I guided two women from South Africa accompanied their husbands visiting Nagoya on business while they had business daytime. South Africa is somehow very familiar with me since my husband has been visiting there once a year for over 15 years on business. I've heard a lot and seen many pictures for years. I've finally had a chance to enjoy conversations with two women from the fascinating country.

My collegue from a volunteer guide group and me showed them around to Nagoya Castle, the Tokugawa Museum and the shopping archades at the basement floors downtown, and the one-coin shop where you can pick up almost anything at 100 yen. Starting from 9:00 in the morning, time went up so fast before we came back to the hotel.

It was a good chance for me to learn how to explain our history and culture in English.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus

Nagoya is quite a big city in Japan. In fact, it is the fifth largest city and has many historical spots of the anceint ara. I visited some spots using a shuttle bus.
I parked my car at the Toyota commemorative museum where I took a shuttle bus bound for the Tokugawa Museum. A shuttle bus runs every one hour and that gives me enough time to visit the spot. I joined the guided tour by a volunteer guide. I leared some of the knowledge about the history and ancient culture of the Tokugawa period. That was really worth of it. Then, I strolled around the Japanese garden next to the museum. After I spent 2hours, I took a shuttle bus dropped at the center of the commercial area of the city. I went up to the TV tower where you can take a view around the city from 100meter high. Then finally I went back to the Toyota museum.
Though I've lived in Nagoya just about 25 years, there are so many things I don't know about this city in all aspects including history. It was really fun and I'm sure I'll be taking this shuttle bus again some time soon to see some other spots I've missed this time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This summer is too hot

It's the end of July. The weather here is just terriblly hot this summer. The temperature has been going up to 38 degree c. these days. It seems that we are really facing with a global warming. It is something we've never expect that the temperature goes up over 30 degree c even in summer. When I was a kid, summer heat was hot in the midst of the day, but durable. The overall weather in our country seems getting so to speak, "wild" in terms of rainfall and thunderstorm and to our surprise, tornedo.
These have brought some serious damages in local areas all of a sudden.
Cicadas in our house garden are busier than usual in chorus from morning till night and that makes us feel this summer is surely much hotter.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I lived with my husband's mother who is 92 years old. She is generally in good shape and enjoys taking care of the house garden. She had quite an amount of blackberries this year. She seems to enjoy picking them up every morning and she comes back in the kitchen with a basketful of berries. Now it' my turn to make them to jam and syrup. I prefer syrup to jam. Syrup makes a cold beverage with soda or a topping for yogurt. I can use it in anyway I like. Anyway it's such a treat from our garden.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Eco craft

This is a basket made of colored tapes. You just weave basket out of those paper tapes just as you do out of pieces of bamboo. Weaving baskets with these tapes is now very popular among women these days. We call this new handmade "eco craft", since those paper tapes are mostly made from recycled paper.
Well, I wove this small basket for the first time. I have a friend who is very good at handcrafts and she is so much absorbed in it now. You will be surprised to see how many baskets and boxes she wove at home. They are so colorful and adorable. So finally I felt like I might as well try for it, if she help me out. With another friends of hers, we had a chance to make it today. It was really fun.
Maybe I'll ask her to let me try another one.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

positive aspect of the rainy weather

Through June to July, we have a rainy weather so called "Tsuyu" in Japan. Strictly speaking, it starts from May in the most southern part of Japan, Okinawa and the rain front ends up to the northern part of Japan but not as far as Hokkaido by the end of July. During the rainy season, the weather is humid and dump with occasional rainfall under the thick clouds. Though it is somehow a unpleasant season, it has several positive elements as well. The sufficient amount of rainfall blesses our land for water. It help all the plants grow. Hydrangea especially symbolizes the rainy season as one of the welcoming aspects of the season. People enjoy all kinds of Hydrangea flowers growing in their house gardens, visiting public gardens, looking at them along the sidewalks and at the historical sight spot like ancient temples and shrines.
The other day I visited one Buddhist temple in the neighboring town. There you can enjoy more than 10 thousand Hydrangea trees of various kinds with full of flowers at the best.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday surprise

I have a very nice group of friends who used to work together in the office. Now we're in a different circumstances just getting together once or twice a month. Though we are not colleagues anymore, we are united one another keeping up with each life. What 's more we make it a rule to send a bouquet of 100 gerbera flowers on each one's birthday. It's really a big joy to have it on time and to know someone remember my birthday.Here is a bouquet of 100 gerbera flowers that I got the other day.
Click the image and you'll see how I was excited about this.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Exciting way to learn English

I came up with a new English- learning website called "iKnow!" For anyone that is always looking for a new door to a better method of mastering a foreign language, this is really something. It's beyond your expectations.
"iKnow!" is a SNSwebsite and has quite a few contents starting from for begginers to advanced learners. Variety forms of lessons will never let you feel bored. Seeing is believing. Here is "iKnow!" for Japanese users.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


One of my husband's friends sends us a box of green asparagus from Hokkaido, the nothern part of Japan at this time of the season every year. I make it a rule to make a thank you note with Photoshop elements and mail it to him. I usually enjoy Photoshop elements but just last night every trial ended up just a mess. Once I got in a trouble, nothing helped. So I just quit and waited for another trial till this morning. Here is the one I made. I'm going to send this out today. Otherwise, I'm sure I'm going to start it from the very beginning for a better result.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Choise of flowers on Mother's Day

This basket of colorful flowers was the one I gave to my husband's mother who is 92 years old. It was an arranged flowers of small cockscomb. Well, it is much common to send a bouquet of carnation here in Japan too but the recent TV news has reported that many younger generation are prefer sending some other flowers to carnation. Of course carnation is the most popular choise. Besides it, hydrangea and rose are the one coming up next to carnation, then an arranged baskcet of flowers of all kinds are also getting popular. Though I am old enough to be gifed a bouquet of carnation from my children, maybe I'd better wait for another chance. Well, say, my birthday next month.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Such a treat!

A friend of mine's family rase strawberries and get them on the market every year. By the time they get ready for dressing the field for the nest planting, they have to put away all the strawberries from their field of 10 acre. Of course there are still lots of ripe berries in good shape. So he called me and some other friends of him to pick up strawberries before they were thrown away. Mmmmm, when you got inside the house, I smell strawberries. Once we start picking them, gee, there were too many and it didn't take long for us to make each box full of berries. Picking up strawberries while eating was such a happiness.

We brought home boxes of strawberries and I made my famly all suprised. I also dropped by with some small packages of strawberries at my neighboring families as a suprise. We had enough fresh berries. I also made jam and syrup out of them so that we could enjoy it for the time being.

Friday, April 25, 2008

After the cherry blossoms

The season of new green leaves is just with us now. Every size of trees in each housegarden and along the streets and roads is nothing but beautiful. It' so hard to keep my eyes just foward while driving along the beautiful streets with green trees. Unlike my usual hectic driving, stopping at a red light make me feel I'm lucky. It gives me some time to enjoy the geen scenery, and what's more to take one or two pictures with my mobile phone pulling down a window.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another shopping

I went to one of the biggest furniture shops in the city. Since I got the new printer at home, then, I've found that the present space that the old printer has sit wasn't wide enough for a new printer. The new one is so called a job-printer and a intergrated fax, printer,scanner, copier unit. It sounds so exciting. I haven't tried these functions except scanner from the new printer. Nor I didn't make a desicion on whichi model I should choose for my computer desk. There were too many! That was a welcoming surprise at the beginnning then it has turned out to be a bewilderment. Soon I was runnning out of time and headed for home.
I need time to make a decision.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Printer

I got a new printer this afternoon. I'll come back and tell more about it. At this moment, I'm quite busy installing printer drivers and other required files. I'll see what I can do. Wish me luck! By the way, I've sent this picture from my mobile phone. It's quick, isn't it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Post from my mobile phone

I uploaded this picture from my mobile phone.  
I kept this in my mobile photo file.
As you see the date, it was 1990.
My son and my daughter were just adorable
and still they are.

How exciting!

This is my newest work of porcelain paintings. It's about 15cm x 4cm. It's really something that I have such a nice group of good friends to enjoy china paintings. We get together once a month for painting at our dear friend/teacher's house whichi is full of her beautiful items of her own. Our main purpose is to learn china paintings, of course, but at the sametime we just can't stop filling in one another on our daily this- and- that happinings in each life with a family. Such a refreshing time with learning and having lunch together and chatting. I love it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

New tool

I got a USB cable to exchange jpg files inbetween my mobile phone and my pc. I often take pictures with my mobile phone. Everytime I want to use those images on my blog, I simply send an e-mail attached an image file to my computer, or just remove a micro SD card out of a mobile phone and set it into a card slot in my computer. It is waste of time and waste of mailing expenses, though. So that made me get an idea to connect my mobile phone and my computer. That is much better time-wise and expense-wise. well, its utilitysoft can cover for music, address books, and files. Especially, it might be a good way to back up your address book. Why not make a best use of it?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cherry blossoms along the sidewalk

Today I drove my husband to his office, since he was going to attend one dinner party that evening, he'd decided to leave his car at home.
In Japan, the drunk driving law is getting much severer for these years, one can't simply drive if he drinks. Otherwise, he will get into a very serious trouble.
So, back to my topic today---after I dropped him, I drove another route back home where I ran into the long line of cherry trees in full bloom along the sidewalk. It was such an appealing scenery to me so I stopped my car to take some pictures. (Gee, I always carry my digital compact camera around with me. I am a photo-freak if you say so.)
Here you will see a slide show. You can also get a large image by clicking.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Japanese love cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are in their full bloom here and there around my area.
As the spring is moving up to the Japanese archipelago from the south to the north, we just can't miss the cerry blossoms in full bloom at the nearby parks, the famous sightspots for their cherry blossoms.
Why people are so keen to take a look at cherry blossoms at this season?
The cherry blossoms burnst into bloom all at once and fall onto the ground within a few days.
Many Japanese people take it that the cherry blossoms' fragile life is something similar to ours. Life is short but so endearing.
I visited the Nagoya Castle where you can see thousands of trees with thier cherry blossoms at the peak. It was crowded with people.

slide show

Monday, March 31, 2008

Just a beginner

I enjoy a western porcelain painting with a group of good friends. One of them acts as a teacher. It's somhow very exciting to draw some flowers and leaves on plates and cups. This way you will make the only one cup and saucer of your own. Well, I'm a just a beginner and I can't tell my paintings are good enough. Still it's really fun to make something very special with your hands.I'm now working on 15 pieces of cups and saucers with cake plates. The design is rather geometrial figures,though.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My first blogging from my mobile phone

Hello. It's my first blogging from my mobile phone. I've been waiting for long that the Blogger would provide us with this service.