Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday surprise

I have a very nice group of friends who used to work together in the office. Now we're in a different circumstances just getting together once or twice a month. Though we are not colleagues anymore, we are united one another keeping up with each life. What 's more we make it a rule to send a bouquet of 100 gerbera flowers on each one's birthday. It's really a big joy to have it on time and to know someone remember my birthday.Here is a bouquet of 100 gerbera flowers that I got the other day.
Click the image and you'll see how I was excited about this.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Exciting way to learn English

I came up with a new English- learning website called "iKnow!" For anyone that is always looking for a new door to a better method of mastering a foreign language, this is really something. It's beyond your expectations.
"iKnow!" is a SNSwebsite and has quite a few contents starting from for begginers to advanced learners. Variety forms of lessons will never let you feel bored. Seeing is believing. Here is "iKnow!" for Japanese users.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


One of my husband's friends sends us a box of green asparagus from Hokkaido, the nothern part of Japan at this time of the season every year. I make it a rule to make a thank you note with Photoshop elements and mail it to him. I usually enjoy Photoshop elements but just last night every trial ended up just a mess. Once I got in a trouble, nothing helped. So I just quit and waited for another trial till this morning. Here is the one I made. I'm going to send this out today. Otherwise, I'm sure I'm going to start it from the very beginning for a better result.