Friday, April 22, 2011

This is my home town NAGOYA

[BTep02] Longboard around Nagoya from BoardTraveller on Vimeo.

Just take a look at this exciting video! It was taken just a few days ago and already uploaded. Great job!
It's my home town , Nagoya. Nagoya has the forth largest population in Japan with over 2 million people.
Every place in the video is so familiar to me. Nagoya Castle, the Nagoya Castle Park, downtown Sakae where you can enjoy shopping or strolling around , Nagoya TV Tower, downtown Nagoya Station. It's amazing that everyone can take a quick look at how Nagoya is alike. They are all standard sightseeing spots.
But, I'll tell you, next time you'll ever have a chance t0 drop by Nagoya, I'll show you around my favorite places to visit. Maybe I'd better make a list and show you here. One by One. Wow, it might be a good resolution for me to make!

And here is a link of the song in the video. Isn't it a fantastic music? Once you hear the music, it'll never leave you.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

One month since then

One month has just passed by. Nothing has been improved so dramatically. We still have aftershocks over and over. People in Tohoku area are facing lots of realities to confront. Now getting free from the fear of death , they started their lives from " being nothing." Some went back and forth between their wrecked and muddy houses and the evacuation places to clean up their properties. Some just abandoned their hometown to another cities to let their children begin their school lives as they used to. I heard many families had made a hard decision to live in separate for various reasons. Boy, there are lots they have to face with.

Then, it is so encouraging to see dozens of volunteers and organizations are stepping into these areas to help them out to rebuild the land along with the Self Defense Force parties and other public support organizations from abroad.

However, there are many other people who don't move out to the safer places. They just stay each home that was damaged partly and try to find the way to clear their houses. Yet most of their conditions like those areas being away from the officially appointed evacuation spots, the daily necessities are not delivered enough. Even electricity, water and gas are not all back in full at places where piles of debris and rubble still sit, not to mention some mountainous and remote areas. The condition is not always satisfactory sanitary wise. It looks like hard to draw an exact map as for where to go distributing goods due to lack of detailed information.

One support organization called "HOPE International Development Agency" was asking people to make hygiene kits to hand out to people in heavily distracted Tohoku area. They claimed specifically 9 items to be set in a plastic bag. I read a flyer and when I finished reading it, I knew what to do next. I had checked the items at home and ran to the shop to get the rest in short supply.

When I got the donation drive of this agency at the Hilton Nagoya the day before the due date, there were several staffs working on the donated goods and sorting them out. I was surprised to see it was outside a hotel doorway. It was a bit windy. When they saw me approaching, they soon recognized my large paper bag full of kits. I was so glad they smiled at me. I hope our support will bring people over there lots of smile on their faces as well.

One month has passed but it will be a long long way to go for a recovery. I only pray for all those who are struggling and fighting against an on-going hardship -----for desperate residents, each member sent into devastated areas from organized bodies and of course for people working in the crippled nuclear stations.

(from Peace Boat website)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

We can't miss it

Nagoya Castle is one of the popular spots you can't miss in Nagoya.
It's especially beautiful in spring time when more than 1,600 cherry trees around the castle are in full bloom almost at the same time. All the trees grow blossoms first then fresh green leaves come next after the blossoms fall on the ground. So it is really something to our eyes when all the trees are full of light pink blossoms. It makes a breathtaking view against the donjon.
I drove there for a quick visit the day before yesterday. It took only 15 minutes or so.


Since the TV weather forecast reported it would rain the next day, I didn't want to miss the best time. Cherry blossoms are in bloom only for a week and all the petals start scattering onto the ground like snow flakes dancing in the air. We have to enjoy the beautiful blossoms before the rain ruins the best time. For Japanese, spring never comes along without admiring them at first hand. And yes, the forecast was bingo!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Thinking of what I can do

I know how significantly the Internet has been playing its role throughout the country right after the quake, the tsunami, and the nuclear crisis. It was so amazing how fast people in and out of the nation started to exchange information and concerns about the disaster. They even organized the volunteer groups by way of their blogs, Twitters, Facebooks and many other SNS.

There are lots and lots of volunteers working for those people in seriously damaged areas. I totally would like to send them a great gratitude for their efforts and resolutions.

There is not much I can do now but I'll keep thinking of what I can do today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. I'll keep thinking of it. For the moment, I think I'll be updating by way of the Internet how volunteers and people in the disastrous areas are fighting against the cruel situations for their recovery to get a basic daily life.

At the same time let us keep sending messages to people in the world that other areas, the western part of Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka including Nagoya are safe and sound. We're here to make our own lives to be any kinds of help to those in Tohoku. Even many non-Japanese businesspersons are coming back to work from abroad to Tokyo after some hectic situations. Ready to make our domestic economy active again.

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in my city and this frontline is going up northward day by day up until it reaches to Hokkaido, the north of Japan. Cherry blossoms are very special to us in our minds and thoughts. It surely brings lots of HOPE to people in Tohoku very soon.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011


Take a break.
Get flowers in a living room.

I want to believe that the arrival of spring will surely bring HOPE
to those who lost everything by the disaster.