Thursday, May 07, 2009

After the cherry blossoms

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The season of spring flowers are coming to the last step. The cherry blossoms are all gone now and our azalea flowers in the garden are going to fall on the ground being showered by the rain starting yesterday.

Here we have a special way to enjoy the last step of spring-----
sakura(cherry blossoms) tea!

It's not a leaf tea as you see it in a picture. We only enjoy a flavor of pickled cherry blossoms pouring hot water onto it in a tea bowl. I picked up some of blossoms from our garden and salted them for a few days, then drain and clean. After sitting them in a bit of special plum vinegar about a week, I make them dried. Well, some people may say it's just a cup of salted hot water but it is a matter of delicacy. Many people really love its cherry blossoms flavor and enjoy the last step of the season. It's certainly served in many Japanese style restaurants and inns when you sit at a table at this time of the season.


Dionne said...

I love the idea of drinking flowers, or at least the essense of them. How yummy. That is great how you make your own tea!

Little Miss Tiara said...

Oh! That looks nice! The cherry blossom tea, how does it taste? I mean, yeah, you've said that some people think it's just a cup of salted water, so it has no taste? Or... what? lol. it's so interesting, I should try it once I go there (IF I'll ever go there, amen)

by the way, for your question on my blog. Nope, nanette hasn't get 1000 paper cranes yet, we have only five this far, three on her, two on me, 1000 paper cranes means 1000 people, so it's kind of hard... it'll be really great if you can help make one, and ask each one of your friends to participate too :D

Lindsey said...

It just sounds beautiful to be drinking flowers. How lovely, I'd love to try it someday. In the meantime, please enjoy it for me.

Anya said...

Tee with flowers yes why not ;)
Can we drink together
a cup of tee HEHE
I like to taste it....


That's so nice to get the essence of the flowers...I had a friend who smoke cigars with Cherry blossom flavor infused in the leaf... PS: Hope you get the cookies fm Dean&Delluca dear...Happy weekend to you! ~XO*

photojoy said...

I'm glad that each of you liked the idea of enjoying sakura tea. Enjoying any kinds of tea in the world is different from countries to countries and I'd love to try each one if I have a chance.

Lenorenevermore, I've found some icing cookies at Dean$Delluca here but they are something similar but are made at a Japanese pastory in Tokyo. Yet, they are pretty enough to buy. Maybe I'll post this story some time soon. Thanks to your post, I've learned something new.