Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volunteers also worked hard

Opening Ceremony-79 (Oct. 11, 2010)
COP10, the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties on Biological Diversity, Nagoya, Aichi was closed on early Saturday reaching to the agreement through the long and tough meetings in a row by the representatives from the 192 countries and the European Union.

Unlike the World Expos which is held every four year, the Conference is not open to the public. Yet during the Conference, there were more than 10,000 people coming in and out from home and abroad. They are delegates, representatives from governments levels, NPO, scientists, researchers, native people and not to mention the press.

During the 17 days, there are more than 1,200 volunteers also were completing their missions at the huge conference venue or at the important spots of the every transportation systems such as the airport, subway/train stations in and around the city to help participants.

Besides them, many volunteers who speak the foreign languages were stationed at each of 200 exhibition booths adjacent to the main conference venue. I was appointed at the booth which the city of Nagoya produced the exhibition on the history of biodiversity in Nagoya and we provided the short guided tour in the huge tent during the period.
It was really fun when I have many visitors and explained our panels in English. Visitors were mostly Japanese citizens or the conference participants from abroad who walked in in between the sessions. We both enjoy exchanging our ideas on what we can do for the preservation of the rich natural environment.

Click here. You can have a glance at what the COP10 were all alike.Photos are just beautiful.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lovely needle felting

These are the felt broaches my daughter brought home from Talin, Estonia. The deep green one is for her grandmother, the blue/pink one for her mother and the white/orange one is for herself. A center metal makes a good accent on a fabric.

When I was small, I loved to see my mother make some cute little felt fabric items such as pin cushions, purses, dolls and bags as the Christmas bazaar got closer. I remember how I was so thrilled when she'd finally finished all of them. I knew it was my turn that she would take my hands and make some simple one together.

And here is another lady whose website is full of her handcraft. My blog friend in Germany, Jeany is a very talented handcraft loving woman and I should say she is very very creative. When I first encountered her blog, I was so impressed with her beautiful boxes made of her well-selected materials. She is an artist in many ways. Now she is so absorbed in felting and she really enjoys making her original felt out of wool as the very first step before she makes her beautiful works.

I always respect people who are skilled in handcrafts. I've been always making an excuse saying "If only I had enough time, I'd like to try-----." Nope, it's not true. I don't have enough patience to take all the steps one by one until I accomplish my goal for myself.  Any advice for this clumsy novice to turn to be a happy beginner of handcraft?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The way we celebrate

Today it was my husband's birthday. We've been celebrating birthdays for 27 years together.
I didn't get any birthday present for him this year because we'd been exchanging many presents besides on birthdays such as on anniversaries and many other celebrations.
I'd rather enjoy cooking something special what he likes such as Chinese, Indians and Japanese on his birthday. While I am busy cooking, he enjoys picking up a bottle of wine out of our collections, which goes well with dish for the day.
But today he suggested that we should try the Chinese restaurant in Marriott Hotel. Oh what a surprise. I wonder who is going to celebrate whose birthday! Whatever it is, that's how we went out. I should have brought a camera with me. Every dish was just beautiful and delicious. Since he basically doesn't have a sweet tooth, we skipped the desserts. Instead, after we came home, I opened a new tin of blended tea named "Happy Birthday" for him and served it along with some chocolate which our daughter brought back home from Finland for us. The "Happy Birthday" tea from TWG of Singapore is just perfect to celebrate his birthday. It has a good flavor of sweet red berries and vanilla blended with mild black tea. Happy Birthday, darling. We had a good time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow, it's been more than a month !

Um, I didn't intend to be away from the blog for such a long time.
Things just made me a bit reluctant to write a story especially when I become busier than before. I wish I could have more than 24 hours a day.
Where shall I start then??? I tried to catch up things accordingly on time-line but it is hardly possible for me to do so after I neglected writing more than a month. Wow!

Writing a blog in English is not a piece of cake for me as you might know it is not my mother tongue and in Japan we don't necessarily need it in our daily life. But thanks to my childhood circumstances, I had always been absorbed in learning English as a door to learn something different, something new and to meet people from different cultures.

While I was away from the blog, I've been often twitting in the Twitter. I thought it was easier for me to keep writing since I only have to write in 140 letters. It was fun to talk mostly with English learning friends. Yet, I've realized that I'm not always contetded with it. I've got to express my idea regardless of 140 words. I missed my blog. So, here I am again to talk to you although I won't be a good blogger from time to time.
I'd really appreciate Dionne, who is such a charming woman and is always generous. She gives me an encouraging push to come back to this blogosphere whenever I am almost out of sight :) Thank you, Dionne.

Writing is another way for me to keep up with my English since I hardly have chances to speak up. So let's get started again.
Thanks everyone to read my awkward sentences.