Sunday, May 10, 2009

New arrival !

A good friend of mine, whose handle name is Blueberry, sent me these origami cranes for supporting the project of Little Tiara and Nanette. I just wanted everyone here to have a look.

I'm not sure how much I can help Tiara and Nanette's project but I'm glad to do this.
Tiara and Nanette, I'll mail these pictures to you soon.

Happy Mather's Day to every mother in the world !


Anya said...

Happy Mothersday to you :)
I have send Tiarra also a crane :)
Have a nice sunday !!

Little Miss Tiara said...

YAY!!! You guys are just toooooo awesome! Thank you very very very much! I don't know how I can express this but really, thank you! Every cranes brighten up our days! Even when we're under piles of homework, so THANK YOU! Anya too :D

and Happy mother's day!

Btw, can I know blueberry's link? Well, Nanette usually credits people and their links

Dionne said...

Oh how pretty. Cranes everywhere! These are so lovely.


Oh what a joy! This reminds me of the beautiful Sadako Sasaki story... ~Peace & Joy!!

Pamela said...

i love those cranes! what pretty paper! i hope you are well... :)

photojoy said...

Hi, everyone. Thank you for your kind comments. When it comes to paper cranes, I have lots to talk.
And my friends are so nice to join the project of Little Tiara and Nanette.