Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Such a surprise!

I participated the spring swap that Dionne had arranged for 26 blogger friends. I haven't experienced a swapping before and I even didn't know what a swapping is at all until I ran into Dionne's blog. It's her idea to call for participation to her blogger friends. Since I am such a fan of her and her splendid blog, I was sure it would be worth of taking part in.

My swap partner is Kimberly and we emailed each other several times and got to know a little bit of us. She wrote me a very generous and kind mail and made me feel so happy and relaxed about sending out a package to her.
I picked up some little things Japanese and sent out on April 1 as Dionne instructed so that every participant can get the swapping gift around the same time.
My package was delivered to Kimberly. It took about a week to get to her. She wrote about it in her blog at once.

So finally across the ocean, the big package from Kimberly arrived this morning.

The bell rang and I knew it must be one. I ran to the door and saw the postman standing with such a big box in his arms. Wow!

I opened it and look at this! So being springly wrapped. Now what's inside???

I couldn't believe my eyes. There are so many goodies in the box.
different kinds of Chocolates, candles, a little poem book, handmade greeting card and bookmark from Kimberly, a wooden bird and eggs, a wrap of glass pieces, a post card of her town and especially her art in frame is really great. It's my joy that I got her art.
How could ever she been so nice to some one abroad. Thank you so much. I've been so exciting the whole day today.
Thank you Kimberly for taking so much time and so much postage to send many goodies for me. Yes, we are qualifed to be awarded the "international posting award" or something.

We stay in touch. And my thanks go to Dionne, as well. You've made every participants and readers linked together.


Dionne said...

Oh how lovely! I love that framed art - it's gorgeous! It seems like you two both gave and received great gifts, I am happy for you!

I am still waiting on about 3 more pairs of swappers to receive their swaps, but once they get them, I will do a blog post linking everyone's stories about their swap (including yours, of course!) so everyone can see what everyone got.

Thanks so much for taking part in this!

Jeany said...

Hai Mekkan, so nice to see that the postman arrived to you too ;), Your package to your swap partner loos some familiar, the cran bird I got too from my japanse friend Rusc. it is so nice to get little things from someone in a far country, enyo your presents. I love the painting too. best wishes from jeany

Kimberly Ashby said...

Oh, I am so very thrilled
You like everything that
I sent to you !

The pieces of glass in
The linen are beautifully
Selected pieces of
SeaGlass - found here
On my beach behind
my house.

The wooden bird is for
You to paint on or create
Something LoVeLy.

I was a little worried about
The package - I thought I
Might have miss printed
Your address.

We used my paper birds
For Easter Place settings
And all the little ones took
One home with them!
How deVine - I will post
Some photos soon.

Pamela said...

Hello! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. :) Do you live in Japan? My good friend Yumiko just got back from visiting family there, and already misses it dearly. I hope to visit there with her someday. :)

Wasn't the swap fun?! I'm planning on putting pictures on my blog tomorrow.

I'm so glad to "meet" you!

Little Miss Tiara said...

WOW! that's HUGE! haha..
ANd I love the framed picture too! That's gorgeous! :D Smartie Dionne!

And oh, I have another thing on my blog for you ;)

Lindsey said...

I love that we all had so much fun with this blog. And I love going around and seeing everything we sent to each other. I can't wait til the next one, but I have a feeling we will be having more than 26 sign up!