Friday, April 17, 2009

Going out with my husband's mother

My husband's mother lives with us. Every other Friday it's a check-up day for my husband's mother. She is generally in a good shape without having any serious inner organ diseases. She keeps her own schedule every day starting her day in the morning with sweeping up fallen leaves in our garden. Just due to the aging, she rarely goes out of the house for herself for shopping or visiting friends as she used to do before. When we lose any opportunities to expose ourselves to outward world, we feel isolated and finally got frustrated. She sometimes get into that mood without knowing what to do all by herself. For her, visiting her home doctor every other week is a day to dress a little bit holiday clothes rather than to see a doctor.
It won't take long until her doctor finishes seeing her since she rarely has any problems except just minor troubles.
So after the doctor, she makes it a rule to drop by to the department store right in the station building to enjoy window shopping or sometimes enjoy picking up some of her favorite sweets.
When she feels her feet are all right, she loves to go down to the outdoor garden in the station building which is taken so much good care of by the gardeners. She walks with her stick very slowly but can't walk too long. Yet she prefer to walk rather than to sit in a wheelchair.
Today there we found the new appearance of the arrangements of lovely spring flowers. Too bad I left my digital camera in the car. I took some with my mobile phone camera which were not so good results but still good enough for her to enjoy afterwards at home to look at. There were little dolls sitting in the flowers here and there. They were so cute. We'd love to have some in our garden.


Little Miss Tiara said...

Oh that's so sweet of you... I always want to take a walk with my future mom in law, even I still don't know who she would be :d. I hope she will like me as your mom in law loves you :)

and the garden is so cute and beautiful :D

Dionne said...

How special it must be for you to have that quality time with her. I am sure she really appreciates it.

The gardens look lovely. Even these cell phone pictures show how pretty it is!

Anya said...

Sweet of you to go shopping with her :)
My mother is 80 years and cant go out shopping :(
Enjoy the moments with her ,
they are special :)))

photojoy said...

Hi, friends! Thanks for comments. How old do you think she is? I forgot to tell her age in the post. She is 93! And at this time of the moment I'm sitting at my computer to post here, she is out in the garden to pick up weed!


It's always better to give than to receive I believe...I'm sure you bring her so much JOY! ~Happy weekend beautiful sweet lady! PS. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the pictures...I love visual delightsss ;)

Kimberly Ashby said...

I LoVe your new BLOG HEADER

You are very special & she knows!

I know how important these small
things are to our elders - I still have
my MoM's sister here in my Life and
I LoVe doing things like that with her.
Her smile is my reward!

Jeany said...

I took care off my own mother for manye years, next month, she is allready 4 year gone, I went out with her every week, because she couldn't be alone. Some times it was hard to take care off her, because off demention, but I still miss her. thank you for reminding. Jeany

photojoy said...

Jeany, i know what you mean. I admit it's sometimes hard for me to be nice to my husband's mother.
I always to be nice to her but sometimes it just doesn't work well between us. We have to face with aging after all. I learn a lot what aging is all about through living with her. I'm still happy she is in good shape.