Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From our garden

It's the season of Chinese citrons in our garden.
We have two Chinese citron trees and every year they grow fruits.
I wrote the post on this topic last year and the year before the last as well.
It's been repeated and here is my post on Chinese citrons fruits for the year of 2009!
As I usually do (see my previous post), I picked up as many as 150 fruits!
I gave about a half of them to our neighbors.
And for the rest, I enjoy making marmalade, juice and jelly.
Making them to marmalade takes many steps peeling, slicing and cooking.
It'll take some time to make them to marmalade.
So I've decided to start from jelly this year.
Maybe I prefer jelly to marmalade since it has less sugar in it,
and, I suppose, so do the rest of my family.


Dionne said...

Oh yummy!

You picked 150?!! That's a lot of fruit!

I love fresh fruit, and how special that you make it into marmalade or jelly. Sounds delicious!

photojoy said...

Yes, isn't it incredible?
I just counted 30 fruits in one bag. Five bags came in so that makes about 150. You know once you started picking up fruits, it's so fun, I can't stop until I finish almost all fruits in the trees. Funny, how i could be so greedy!

Anya said...

That is much fruit.
But delicious and healthy.
When we had a public garden, I had a lot of strawberries, and I also make marmalade :)
Now we have only plants and a big olive tree an two fig trees :)
You have a lot of work ;)

Kimberly Ashby said...

Oh mY, oh my
They look so beautiful
& YumO, yUMo!

You are a woman of
Many, many talents.
I wish I had a fruit tree
Like that. My neighors
Have apple trees and
This past summer I
Helped pick Apples and
for the first time I made
Apple sauce.

photojoy said...

Wow, Anya's strawberries and Kimberly's apple sauce sounds so delicious !!! How I wish we live much closer one another. Isn't it nice that we visit one another and share our goodies.

Kotori said...

That is amazing - do you always have so much fruit? They look absolutely delicious! You must be a fabulous gardener.

Pamela said...

Beautiful!! I wish I was your neighbor! Lucky gal. :)