Friday, April 10, 2009

My first plate

I've just finished my first plate and I'm so happy with the result. Well, one of my good friends is my teacher for this china paintings and without her good instruction, this large plate would never have been completed. It took four steps in all. I've started from pale colors on a background and flowers first and sent a plate into a electric kiln at my friend and at the next time I drew flowers adding some more details using a bit dark colors and sent it to the kiln and repeated this two more times until I finished drawing flowers. Unlike the European paintings represented in Meissen works, my friend explained this drawing belonged to the American style. I liked the whole soft images of the flowers. Glad I've done with it. Now I'm very interested in learning china paintings at classes by a professional teacher. Maybe I've got to find and get more information from my friend.


Dionne said...

This is exquisite! So beautiful and with such intricate details.

I saw what you sent for your swap and it's LOVELY. Such beautiful goodies! Did you get yours yet?

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh my! that's so beautiful! Woots!

Little Miss Tiara said...

AND!!! You've got an award from me, pick it up on my blog! ;D hope you like it :D

Anya said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw thats beautiful :))
My compliments it looks GREAT !!

I have an award for you, you will pick him up:)

Have a nice weekend :))

Jeany said...

You made this by yourself????? Wow, this is marvelous. So nice. you are gifted. I wish you and your familie happy easter. ( I don"t know if you know this cutsome in japan?) Best wishes from jeany

Kimberly Ashby said...

WoWzEwOw, wow!
You made this ?
You are very talented
And you said you didn't
Paint- well, now we know!
You most certainly can
Paint. You are a painter!

I LoVe the CoLourS.
I only hope you like
What I made for you.
Hoping and hoping.

photojoy said...

Ha,ha, my plate seemed to make every one of you surprised. I chose my favorite image from the china painting books my friend kept and I copied the outline on a plate using a carbon paper and started painting with that book besides me. As for painting, everytime I've finished each step, my friend, of course retouched the part she needed to. I really enjoyed it. And there is one more secret. A photo makes everything look nicer, I believe it.

Kimberly, I haven't got it yet. Today or Monday? I can't wait.

Pamela said...

What a gorgeous plate!! Kudos to you!