Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bon Bon Chocolat

Amazing! These colorful chocolate are the ones I picked up from the shop in Tokyo Midtown. Fingersize bars called Bon Bon Chocolat have 17 varieties of tastes and every color tells its flavor and taste. The round ones are named Chocoron which are chocolate-glazed macarons. I'm glad that I brought home some boxes of these unique chocolate since they only have their shops in Tokyo and Paris. (Why not in Nagoya?) Anyway it's just a little excitement!
The name of this pattisserie is Sadaharu Aoki.


Anya said...

Never seen before , nice color :))
Looking great !!
Is the taste also good ??

Dionne said...

These look so cute. The little bars remind me of chalk. How adorable! Almost too cute to eat.

And thanks for your compliments on my store!

Jeany said...

Looks strange, but very special. we are famous about our bonbons, now these day's you can get everywhere choclates eggs, for eastern. There also very yummi. Best wishes from jeany

Little Miss Tiara said...

ooo.. that looks delicious! I mean, look at the color! I'm sure I'll get a toothache if I were you, lol. Me can't stop love sweets... haha

photojoy said...

To be honest, I was shocked to see these colors. Are those really harmless to our bodies? I was so curious about these chocolates rather than rejected them.

Miss Aimee said...

yummy yummy. looks good. happy day!