Thursday, April 23, 2009

study on unfamiliar theme

This Saturday our volunteer group for interpreting has an annual workshop.
Since I am one of the staff members, I've been busy organizing the program, making arrangements with the staff members, making email correspondence with the members.
It is indeed time consuming to get all the things done before Saturday.

The thing is I'm too busy setting this workshop to make time studying for my own.
The theme for the workshop is on The 10th Conference of the Parties, which will be held in Nagoya on October22, 2010. There 'll be about 7,000 participants throughout Japan and from abroad. So we are sure that there should be volunteer opportunities for us.
Of course we are amateur interpreters, so we won't be in charge of official interpreting. Yet we're supposed to get prepared for its main theme " the biological diversity".
There are lots of words and phrases for biological topics which are quite unfamiliar to us.
We set a quasi-situation which likely happens between two persons along with an interpreter and we actually make an exercise to interpret. We also make a practice on interpreting one's lecture.
Sounds tough, but it will l surely be very useful and worth taking part in.
Well all I have to do now is to finish this post and get started with a little bit of study.


Dionne said...

That sounds like an interesting experience! I love how you're a volunteer interpreter. Good luck with all the studying!

Anya said...

Sounds Great !!
And you have a lot of work ^___^

But its for a great experience :)


Fantastic... Wishing you all the best in the experience darling!