Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cherry blossoms in full bloom

For these days we had unexpectedly cold days about a week. The chilly morning air has delayed the cherry blossoms buds for blooming. It is about a week delay, according to the weather forecast. We've often started our conversations about the arrival of the cherry blossoms with families, friends, neighbors and even store clerks. And finally yesterday the weather turned to be perfect for viewing cherry blossoms. I drove to the Nagoya castle park where more than a thousand cherry trees have been planted. Some of them are really old like 100 years-old. I went out with my daughter and my husband's mother. We are very happy that we can enjoy the cherry blossoms right in the center of the city. It won't take more than 15minutes by car.
We used a rental wheelchair for my husband's mother who feels much safer on it for a long walk. We strolled around the park about an hour. The cherry blossoms were just in full bloom and it was really a breathtaking view.
Our national flower is said to be chrysanthemums but in fact for many Japanese, cherry blossoms have been so much special and so much loved since the ancient era. People see their own lives in delicate features of the cherry blossoms. We are so much touched by the fragile blossoms and short range of full bloom. They surely give us a courage to live up our own lives with all hopes.


Anya said...

Your blogsite has a new look, its great with those yellow flowers :)))
Very nice pictures of the cherry blossoms:))
Behind our garden are all cherry trees, when the blossom opens, I will the photos publish on my blog .
When I look from my bedroom outside I can see the cherry tree, and the cherry's tastes delicious :))))
Have a nice sunday........ANYA

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh! Those cherry blossom trees are so beautiful! now I need to go there! lol. Why do everyone talking about theur countries lately? I should post about mine soon, lol.

And you changed your header! It's nice! More fresh ;)

Jeany said...

Oh, you have also a new lay-out, very nice, I love the flowers. The cherry blossom looks so beautifuul, I can almost smell them, so nice, thank you and wishing you a very nice Sonday, best wishes from Jeany

Dionne said...

These are absolutely beautiful. So pretty, and dainty and intricate. Thanks for these pictures, they made my morning!

Kotori said...

Oh these are gorgeous! I love all these pictures - I can't imagine how amazing these look in real life!


such visual delightsss! Feel like singing Sakura song....

~Happy Spring 2u*