Saturday, April 11, 2009

Farewell luncheon for a friend

I went out with my friends of china painting to the Chubu International Airport. It's a unique airport because it's not only the place for passengers leaving or arriving on planes but the fun place for visitors like a group of families, friends or study tours to spend a whole day eating, shopping, visiting small galleries in the building, and what's more enjoying the spa with the airport view.
Since there is one fancy restaurant at the head of the observation deck, we've decided to have a farewell luncheon for a friend who is going to move to another city located in northern part of Japan. We enjoyed a lunch and strolled around the shopping area and most of all, we enjoyed the endless talks. It was such a good day.


Dionne said...

Ooh the art in the galleries look lovely. And the food looks delicious! I love the berries with the spongecake!

I am glad you have fun with friends.

Jeany said...

the food looks delicious, wish I was there too ;)), best wishes from Jeany

Little Miss Tiara said...

Oh! The gallery is so beautiful! And the ice cream, ICE CREAM!!! Woots!

The airport itself looks so comfy, I don't think I'll mind to spend a night there, lol.

Anya said...

Those galleries are
very beautiful : ))
Thanks for sharing!!
I wish I was there LOL
Have a very nice sunday :)