Monday, May 12, 2008

Such a treat!

A friend of mine's family rase strawberries and get them on the market every year. By the time they get ready for dressing the field for the nest planting, they have to put away all the strawberries from their field of 10 acre. Of course there are still lots of ripe berries in good shape. So he called me and some other friends of him to pick up strawberries before they were thrown away. Mmmmm, when you got inside the house, I smell strawberries. Once we start picking them, gee, there were too many and it didn't take long for us to make each box full of berries. Picking up strawberries while eating was such a happiness.

We brought home boxes of strawberries and I made my famly all suprised. I also dropped by with some small packages of strawberries at my neighboring families as a suprise. We had enough fresh berries. I also made jam and syrup out of them so that we could enjoy it for the time being.

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