Wednesday, July 02, 2008

positive aspect of the rainy weather

Through June to July, we have a rainy weather so called "Tsuyu" in Japan. Strictly speaking, it starts from May in the most southern part of Japan, Okinawa and the rain front ends up to the northern part of Japan but not as far as Hokkaido by the end of July. During the rainy season, the weather is humid and dump with occasional rainfall under the thick clouds. Though it is somehow a unpleasant season, it has several positive elements as well. The sufficient amount of rainfall blesses our land for water. It help all the plants grow. Hydrangea especially symbolizes the rainy season as one of the welcoming aspects of the season. People enjoy all kinds of Hydrangea flowers growing in their house gardens, visiting public gardens, looking at them along the sidewalks and at the historical sight spot like ancient temples and shrines.
The other day I visited one Buddhist temple in the neighboring town. There you can enjoy more than 10 thousand Hydrangea trees of various kinds with full of flowers at the best.

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