Saturday, September 27, 2008

Funniest story about sushi

I just burst into a big laughter to see it. If you are Japanese or anyone familiar with our culture, you will be just surprise to watch this film and wonder who on the earth made this story and what's for?The story is partly true and partly wrong but you can't blame it. It is just a harmless and funny story I have ever seen before.

It has a useful aspect of learning English vocabularies, though.I learn fish names and some other vocabularies often used at the Japanese sushi restaurant.In fact the last time I had sushi at the sushi restaurant with the guests from abroad, they wanted to identify each slice of fish on a sushi rice cake on their plate before they put them into their mouth. If I should have known each name in English, they could have enjoyed the meal without being skeptical.

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ya6ya said...

Thank you very much for introducing this video.
I enjoyed so much !