Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guests from South Africa

I guided two women from South Africa accompanied their husbands visiting Nagoya on business while they had business daytime. South Africa is somehow very familiar with me since my husband has been visiting there once a year for over 15 years on business. I've heard a lot and seen many pictures for years. I've finally had a chance to enjoy conversations with two women from the fascinating country.

My collegue from a volunteer guide group and me showed them around to Nagoya Castle, the Tokugawa Museum and the shopping archades at the basement floors downtown, and the one-coin shop where you can pick up almost anything at 100 yen. Starting from 9:00 in the morning, time went up so fast before we came back to the hotel.

It was a good chance for me to learn how to explain our history and culture in English.


Liebe8090 said...

photojoy san,
in Japan, usually i hardly see people from South Africa..

but actually i went to Southern African countries last summer and spent some days in South Africa^^
there are both the life in organized urban cities and the wild nature of African continent!
and i got to know some parts of historical backgrounds of "Rainbow Nation".

i'd love to go there again someday^^

photojoy said...

liebe san,
Thank you for coming by to my english blog. I'm so impressed to know that you are quite a traveler!
Which countries in Africa did you visit and what did you see?
Maybe you can tell us in your diary some other time.

Liebe8090 said...

Your English blog is fantastic^^ I make up my mind to aim to create a nice English blog like yours though I don't know when I can achieve it.

I like traveling^^ and I visited South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, and the Vic.falls in Zimbabwe with one of my friend.
mmm.. each places have specials ,so it's difficult to pick up some here..
but.. I saw the magnificant orange dunes of Namib desert, many wild animals in Etosha national park, lovely nostalgic scenary of Lesotho villages, and lively streets in S.A. where i can feel human diversity...

Your hasband has been there many times, hasn't he?? so you can go with him easily^^