Monday, October 06, 2008

It's October.

(image from the previous year)
(things we need for putting new screen paper)

Well, it's kind of threatening for a housewife to know that we have only three months to go before the new year. There are more or less household chores for a typical Japanese housewife to meet the first day of the new year.
Here are my top three annual chores to do:
1) changing the old paper screens to the new ones
2) wiping out all the windows
3) cleaning up shelves and closets in the house.

Chore 1) is quite a task for me. Since there are quite a number of shouji( paper sliding doors) in our house, I can't finish all in one day nor I'm not going to change all every year. I take two years to finish all paper screens to new ones. When every October arrives, I start to make a plan how I start with this job, making plan on how many sliding doors I should work on this year, getting rolls of screen paper,special glue for door frames and a good small blade.
I also check the weather report to know the days must be fine and warm. This is true for Chore 2) as well. Chore 3) is, I believe,just easy for a good housewife who is good at putting things in the house in order, but this is not for me and I prone to leave this chore undone at the end of the year making a excuse to myself saying "Well, let's try to get things in order in my daily life next year. With every day efforts, I don't have to struggle at the end of the year like this."
I've been saying this for these years. what an experienced housewife!

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