Thursday, July 03, 2008

Eco craft

This is a basket made of colored tapes. You just weave basket out of those paper tapes just as you do out of pieces of bamboo. Weaving baskets with these tapes is now very popular among women these days. We call this new handmade "eco craft", since those paper tapes are mostly made from recycled paper.
Well, I wove this small basket for the first time. I have a friend who is very good at handcrafts and she is so much absorbed in it now. You will be surprised to see how many baskets and boxes she wove at home. They are so colorful and adorable. So finally I felt like I might as well try for it, if she help me out. With another friends of hers, we had a chance to make it today. It was really fun.
Maybe I'll ask her to let me try another one.

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gardienne said...

Hi! Very cute basket! I just recently found a japanese craft book about eco craft and I was wondering if you knew where I could get the paper tapes? I know I can go to the website listed in the book but I can't read japanese without days of study. Thanks for any help!