Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cherry blossoms along the sidewalk

Today I drove my husband to his office, since he was going to attend one dinner party that evening, he'd decided to leave his car at home.
In Japan, the drunk driving law is getting much severer for these years, one can't simply drive if he drinks. Otherwise, he will get into a very serious trouble.
So, back to my topic today---after I dropped him, I drove another route back home where I ran into the long line of cherry trees in full bloom along the sidewalk. It was such an appealing scenery to me so I stopped my car to take some pictures. (Gee, I always carry my digital compact camera around with me. I am a photo-freak if you say so.)
Here you will see a slide show. You can also get a large image by clicking.

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Anonymous said...

Year after year the trees dresses of flowers, to remind us that in life everything as a new beggining =)

Nice photos.. I like taking pictures also, but I haven't yet bought a digital camera for myself.. maybe I will soon!