Thursday, February 03, 2011

We throw beans today!

Before I started my post tonight, I just checked my past posts and learned that I hadn't posted on this topic ever since 2005. Wow, that's quite a long time ago.
It's probably because it is not a family event anymore with my children growing old enough and being reluctant to throw food. Well, who on earth ever feel happy about throwing food on the ground?
However no matter people would say about the Japanese throwing food, as long as it's Feb.3, it is just OK. We throw beans inside and outside the house! Young parents who are usually determined to discipline their children to be good, will hand out some roasted soy beans to them and tell them to scatter all over! They all start throwing while shouting, "In with good luck. Out with bad luck." After all, this is one of our traditional events which has been enjoyed for years and years.
So maybe you'd like to know more about this event. Let me link my past post in 2005 here.
By the way, though my children grow old, I already prepared some beans from several shops. Even at the bakery shops, they sell some yummy buns in the shape of a cute goblin.
So tonight in the evening I will throw some beans on behalf of all of my family for our happiness shouting as "softly" as my neighbors won't hear me but as much "softly" as good fortune can hear me.


Janine said...

this is such a nice ritual, I dindn't know it, and who has to clean afterwoods? ☺

orchid said...

We also threw beands before having dinner. Haha, I've heard next neighbor's childrens' cute shouting voice as well.
Thank you very much for your encouraging comment(*^_^*) I still wish to arrange side bar better, but not successful yet. Well,in due course☆

A Bookaholic said...

Hey thx for posting this! good to know another tradition about 'ushering' luck into the house :) but i wonder...why beans? any meaning behind it?

photojoy said...

A Bookaholic, why beans? I just heard that in 600s this ritual in origin was brought about from China and in Chinese "beans" literally meant "removing an evil." That what I know now. It's worth checking it again. Thanks.

Fidget said...

What a charming custom. It's nice to hear that you still throw beans for your children even though they've out grown it. You said you prepared some beans for several shops. Is it customary to cast beans in shops you visit on that day? I hope that good fortune heard you loud and clear.