Sunday, February 06, 2011

Besides blogging

When I opened my eyes this morning, I didn't get what had happened to me. 'What time is it?' I grabbed my alarm and could not believe it was past 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. Shocked. My alarm clock was definitely on but I had not heard anything. Thanks god, it was Saturday and I didn't have to send off my husband to work much earlier in the morning. (He's in India now.) For these weeks I was quite busy with this and that. I felt so exhausted with all the works at my computer.
Having a slight headache, I just wanted to stay away from my desk even forgetting about blogging. I didn't want to sit at it another minute.
There are several things that I'm always longing to spend time on, which is nothing to do with a computer. But for these weeks I didn't have time for any of them.
These are 1) reading books 2) having favorite tea of the day 3) writing one or two letters to my computer-illiterate friends 4)watching a video 5)water painting 6) taking pictures 7)arranging flowers 8) going out for meeting friends or just for shopping.
So today I read a book with my favorite blended tea and wrote a letter to my ex- English teacher in NY and finally drove to my parents to say hello.

Probably, I've got to learn to make a good balance in-between my work and my wishing lists.
I should not keep some of them too long in my list especially as for 5) 6) and 7). I've got to find out the way to make one step forward for these three goals.

Well, what makes you feel comfortable when you feel so exhausted with your job or daily life?


The Chair Speaks said...

Know how you feel. I do the same too when things get too overwhelming.

photojoy said...

Yes, life is sometimes too much. We have to slow down. Thanks for dropping by.

orchid said...

wow!!! You must be a versatile person☆☆☆
Although I am not into doing such variety things, I feel stressed from time to time.
I wish I had somethimg for me. Well, I like strong green tea rather than tea. Funny I cannot go without 3 cups a day(*^_^*)

Au and Target said...

We need an extra day in the week, that's for sure!

Dionne said...

Life gets so busy - often it can be hard to keep on top of to-do lists, I know how you feel.

Whenever I feel exhausted or stressed, I like to bake. It relaxes me. And even just being still helps. I like to just cuddle on the couch with Brian. It reminds me that I am loved, and that when everything else in the world might seem hectic and crazy, I still have a wonderful husband who loves me.

Deirdra Doan said...

You are so sweet. It is fun to find your blog through the OWOH.
I hope you visit me too.

My husband is a music proffessor at Williamette University and at Tokoyo Un in Salem. We have the Japanese students to our house each term. It is so fun to meet them..I love them very much.