Saturday, February 12, 2011

The problem

Since last night there has been a problem that many of my pre-posted pictures don't show up.
Some don't lose links but some do.
I found out it might be a bug problem which shows in many other bloggers posts.
I'm going to leave this for the moment to see if there is an easy way to get rid of this.
It's really disappointing and irritating that the pictures are not shown
and I have to click each blank to see it.
Sorry about this inconvenience.
If you have any good advice, I would be most happy.
I'm going to work on this in the evening.

Thank you for visiting.


Au and Target said...

What a shame. I hope you can find the problem and fix it.

By the way, is it true to all Japanese ladies have names that end in a vowel? I've only had a few Japanese friends: Masako, Mariko and my aunt Isako, but it's not a big enough sample!

orchid said...

OMG! As I am yet an amateur, I cannot understand what you mean by "a bug problem which shows in many other bloggers posts". I hope the bug (if it is) can be easily gotten rid of☆☆☆

Janine said...

oh, that is not nice, but I can see the pictures now, perhaps it is now ok?

Mekkan said...

Hello, everyone. Thank you for your concerns. I really feel so grateful for your comments. It was so good to have especially when I was in trouble. Stay in touch!

Mekkan said...

Ops, Au and Target, I'll come back and tell about your question. Thanks for asking me. That's interesting for me to answer.