Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What a mess!

I'm not happy about my desk. It's not wide enough to handle paper works to do.

I'm a member of a volunteer group of about 30 interpreters in English, Spanish and French and we are registered for the Aichi International Association in Aichi prefecture. Since March is the month for every prefectural volunteer group to renew a registration, as a matter of routine, I have a lot of paper works to do. Besides an official registration form, I have to hand out several papers such as a group bylaws, a members list, a newsletter to report our activities, a leaflet and the like. It's really time consuming. I need to ask the rest of our staff members to check all those papers before printing out. I'd been working on this almost for a week. Well we're almost done, anyway.

Then another job is waiting for me. We have a workshop in April and the staffs are busy getting ready for searching enough materials for interpreting lessons on the subject of "COP10" and "the citizen judge system in Japan." Whew---- sounds tough, isn't it?

As a result, my desk is a mess. I need a bigger desk but what comes next after I get one. I believe it will be another mess after all.


Anya said...

My desk is also a mess
I think we have to many paperwork !!!!
Springtime is cleantime
also for our desk :)))))

Have a wonderful day

Dionne said...

Wow, you're busy - that's a lot of paperwork to do!

Ah yes, I would like a bigger desk too. Let's dream about having bigger desks together, hehehe.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Don't worry, my desk is a mess too. Personally I think a busy person has a messy desk - and you sound super busy!

Sigrid said...

Hi there!! :-)) Thanks for your comment :-) Actually, yess, I'm in Kyoto for a few months, but I normally live in Rome, so that's why my blog is written in italian (and I'm not even italian, I'm belgian :-)