Friday, February 19, 2010

Raking mosses

How to keep mosses always healthy requires time and patience.
If you are not in a mood for spending up your time in the garden, it will turn to be such an irritating moment of a day. But once I get involved in it, I quite enjoy this chore of cleaning up the garden.

Today it was warm and less windy in the morning, I decided to spend a couple of hours before lunch to clean mosses.
Mosses grow inches and you can't neglet them grow. If they grow tall, it is natural they stand tittled and finally they pile one another by their own weight. Sometimes this brings excessive moisture inside mosses and let them ret. To prevent them from dying, I rake them to have them sit straight to get enough air as well as clean the surface.

It's really fun to see quite an amount of weeds are raked at the same time.
After raking, it's so pleasant to see and feel a moist carpet of green.


Little Miss Tiara said...

ahhh... gardening is never my favorite thing to do, lol. but my mom does. she loves gardening soooo much. hehehe... i'm sure she'll be happy doing all the raking like you do :D


I love moss especially those soft ones found in the forest...
ps: love the Japanese bamboo gardening tool~~~

Lovely weekend!

Dionne said...

How lovely. Moss is always so moist and rich in color! I can see how it can be therapeutic to take care of.

Jeany said...

Dear Mekan, here we can not yet clean the garden, the winter is holding us in his hands, but I hope soon we also can work in the garden. That box you sah at my place, is the last off that fabric, the debbie mumm fabric, I made some 100 boxes allready. :))) But thank you for the nice kompliment. best wishes from jeany

katztales said...

I'd never even think of growing moss! But it does look nice. Bet the local cats would love to roll all over it ;-)

SabinePsynopsis said...

I didn't even know there was a caring regime for mosses. It's so wet these days where I am the mosses definitely need some grooming.

katztales said...

Are you ok with all this tsunami warning etc???

Dionne said...

Hello my friend! Just wanting to let you know that I'm thinking of you and hope you're well!


photojoy said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet words. Now I'm ready for posting!

Anya said...

I was this morning all here
but I was just wake up ;)

Nice to see you are working in the garden.
Here is it almost spring
I am waiting ;)
I wish i could work in the garden
its always so relaxing :)))