Thursday, March 11, 2010

Until next year "Good bye"

Hinamatsuri(Dolls Festival) was over on March 3. It's time to putting Hina dolls back to each box. Hina dolls are quite special in a way that they are displayed for a short period of time up until the day of Hinamatsuri March 3 and should be kept in boxes until the next year. It's been raining for these days after March 3 and I don't have them back into boxes in a damp weather for fear of getting stained or spots on their silk wear and on their faces. I was waiting for a clear weather and it was today after a long cold rainy weather. It took time to finish carefully but I enjoyed this as much as I did when I displayed them.
It's like a farewell party to say good-bye to your dear friend. I'll see them next year at the same time of the season.
See also the post I wrote last year.


Dionne said...

These are lovely. See you next year, sweet dolls!


What a lovely tradition, so beautiful!

The Chair Speaks said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Molds are nasty and may spoil your beautiful Hina dolls. You did the right thing waiting for clear weather.

Anya said...

Funny tradition
thanks for sharing !!!!

Emilie Delance said...

Wauw, I never knew this! I must ask my mother if she did this when she lived in Japan. I remember having a beautiful doll with a gold kimono in a glass box when I was a child.

Jeany said...

wow, these dolls are so beautifull, that is what I like off the japanese tradition. it looks so sereen. I can imagen that is is difficult to put them away. Best wishes from me. Jeany