Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucky Monday!

I went to Kyoto! How lucky! My appointment was canceled and i got a day off on Monday. Hurray! I called up my daughter and asked whether she had any time with me. She did. It was cloudy and started raining in the evening but it didn't ruin our day at all. We walked and walked and enjoyed the beginning of Spring in Kyoto. We had lunch and dinner together. It was such a good time to enjoy girls talk(if you might say)until the last minute I got a train back home. I'll tell more about this visit.
This photo is one of the popular slopes leads to the very famous temple.


Anonymous said...

Compliments for the blog!

The Chair Speaks said...

Are these little shops or houses? Am looking forward to reading more.

Dionne said...

Sounds like such a lovely time with your daughter! How lovely!