Monday, March 08, 2010

Does your cell phone have a hole?

Here! Actually it's like a thread hole------one in and one out.
Japanese cell phone models regardless of manufacturer companies have holes at either upper side of bodies.
What about yours? Does it have a hole? What is it for, then?

These are for cell phone straps!

See more below in an album. Some are mine and my friends' and from the web.

Why do we love to put straps on our cell phones so much?
Well, it is probably related pretty much with our
ancient custom of using "netsuke" which is a hanging object we use in kimono.
It might be fun if I talk about it in my next post.

Until then, enjoy a bit more images of cell phone straps from google images.


Dionne said...

My iphone doesn't have one :( But they are such a cute way to personalize your phone!

Little Miss Tiara said...

my phone does, I think. And there are like heaps of phone straps/charms in the market I just want to buy em all and put them in my phone, I ended up buying none and leave my phone bare, though. lol xD

katztales said...

Weird! Going to check mine now. But I have an ancient model that doesn't do colour, pictures or anything. Will check for useful holes!

Jeany said...

hi there mekan, it looks so good, I like MimiMouse, :)) My selfonn doesn't have en pendant, but i don't use ist anyway. :) I'll take it withe me when I walk with my dog, in case I fell ore something like that, so I can call my Hubbie and tell him so. hahahahaha. Best wishes from me to You.

Carla said...

This is cool!

Anya said...

Yes mine have :-)
I have a hello kitty on it .... LOL
Its the truth ....

Anya said...

I lost my hello kitty :(
I search at home in my car
i hope I will find it again :(

kimberly said...

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