Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is trendy

Tea from Singapore. TWG Tea of Singapore is well-known and popular tea in Singapore but it hasn't opened any stores of its own in Japan yet. As both of my husband and I enjoy tea almost every day, we are always ready to try something new and that has a good reputation. This "Singapore Breakfast Tea" is so full of harmony with a blend of green tea, black tea and vanilla and some spices. Mmmm it smells sooo sweet and has a mild taste. It seems that nowadays, people select each tea by its unique titles like "Singapore breakfast" named by the tea company. In fact TWG tea has varieties of blended tea under the titles like "Happy Birthday Tea" , "Christmas Lights Tea", "Holiday spirit tea" "White House Tea" or "Tokyo Singapore Tea" which all are very attracting to try.

I love it and glad my husband got it in Singapore on his way back home from Malaysia. As a matter of fact, he said to me he prefers single loose tea from certain product areas like India or China. Well, I understand him as well. That is his style. I think I am more flexible enjoying tea.
Here are the TWG Tea website. It's a very gorgeous-looking page. It's fun to have a look.


Dionne said...

Oh this Singapore Tea sounds delightful! I adore tea, and new blends and varieties excite me too!

Anya said...

It sounds great
thanks for so many information :-)
I drink almost coffee !!
But I like also sometimes tea ...

katztales said...

I love tea, especially Lapsang Soochon (spelling unsure) a black tea from China. These teas look great!

I want to ask you something. Do you think cat stories would sell in Japan? My publisher is thinking of overseas markets and suggested Japan. I'd appreciate your opinion.