Monday, January 18, 2010

New book!

My husband came home from Kualalumpur, Malaysia with the book named "Logomania"!!! I'm so happy! Because this is one of the books Ellen published last year. She is a professional writer and one of my blogger friends who lives in Malaysia. She writes books and articles for newspapers. Of course I've started reading the book. You know, even for one like me, whose mother tongue is not English, the book is so informative and it's fun to know the language backgrounds as well as the phrases themselves. I'm especially happy that I can start reading any pages depending on categories. I can pick up any columns from index as well.
(You can have a peek for her new two books in her blog.)

Unless I had a chance to come across to her blog in the Internet, I would have never had a chance to get her book. It's true to every one of my blogger friends, who gives me such an inspiring different essence in my daily life.



Sounds interesting~
Thanks for the introduction...I'm so amazed that you blog in English!
I think your English may even be better than mine...
Great new week dear!

xo as always*

katztales said...


I really appreciate your kindness, in buying the book and blogging about it so sweetly. Thanks!