Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Techo" my favorite notebook

Most Japanese love to keep their "Techo" with them in their bags and briefcases not to mention myself.
At around the end of the year like in November and December, you will find varieties of "techo" at many shops and we are just absorbed in choosing which one is a favorite for the next year. We take one by one in hand and look into them one after another carefully whether or not it is the best. Some like small ones, some big ones , or daily schedule, or dairy, or just a notebook with plain pages ---there are lots of kinds, indeed.

I've been choosing the same brand for more than 10 years but this year I picked up the different one since I come to enjoy writing anything happened like you do in your diary and keep jotting down anything which I find informative and which I don't want to forget. So I chose one I can fill out one page for a single day. I enjoy making my "techo" very interesting vision-wise. I took some pictures usually with my cell phone camera and I print out on sheets of small stickers. It's fun. Here is the Japanese "techo" site I like.

(my pages --- confidential)

To tell you the truth, I never be a good writer and every year many pages have been neglected in blank. But this time I think this hasn't occurred to me yet. I've been writing every day! Incredible!

In this world of IT, we can make the best use of computers or cell phones to save any information on the web. But it is true on the other hand people are more likely to enjoy the analog side of daily life in writing and drawing.

Do you have your own notebook which you love to keep it around with you?


katztales said...

We used to have these in Holland too; I bet they still do except that I no longer live there.

As for the Japanese, I know about 5 basic phrases (like thanks, water, hello, nice and please) but I got that one from Babelfish!

Anya said...

Very modern :-)
I think we have it also in our country !!!

Have a wonderful week :-)


I think it's always nice to have handwritten words/drawings...I do the same thing as well! Thank you so much for your thoughtful & caring words, means so much...truly appreciate our friendship dear~
I'm doing well, a little traumatized but I'll be just fine~ trials & tribulation make one stronger don't you think?
Have a great weekend!
xo as always*