Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 1995

It's January 17th today.
And the news of the vast earthquake in Haiti has been keeping informed since then. Many people are injured and many are still missing. How terrifying.

The post which Lenore has just updated reminded me of writing about another story of earthquake.
I'm just linking my previous post which I wrote 5 years ago.

I never forget of the Great Hanshin Earthquake which killed more than 6000 people. In fact many TV channels have been broadcasting commemorative programs since this morning. Some of them make me feel so down to know how many people are still suffering from the sense of loss. But this is something which we should face with so that we have to set up better systems to protect our lives in case of disasters.

Thank you, Lenore for reminding me of the importance of keeping informing and sharing what we should never forget.


Dionne said...

It is so sad, I really feel for the Haitians - such a time of loss, mourning and rebuilding. But I do love how the whole world has seemed to step in and want to help. It seems that after great disasters, the world bands together to help others in need.


Always good to remember those who passed before us in such a tragic death~ lovely tribute*
Rest in peace...