Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got to get started!

Things around me have gotten messy for these days.

I have to say I'm in a mood to accept the telling "Life is not easy" especially when it comes to a recent condition of my mother-in-law.
We are so relieved that she doesn't have to stay in bed after all. She can walk carefully with a cane but desperately needs other's assistance as well. We still have time so we are working on this slowly and carefully to see what we can do for her next.

So for a switch, I come back here to see my blogger friends and to get inspired by each one of you. All of you I know here are so fascinating that I feel so uplifted. I need a change for a switch. Hoping this week will be nicer one.
Thanks for reading.


Anya said...

I hope this week is a better week for you .....
I send you positive feelings..
Anya :-)

Little Miss Tiara said...

ahh.. I wish you and your family all the best :)

let's start it all out again, yay! :D

photojoy said...

Anya and Little Miss Tiara,
your words are so kind and sweet.
Thank you.

Dionne said...

We've missed you! I am glad you've come back to visit us.

I'm sorry to hear about her needing a cane, but at least she is home and on the mend!