Monday, November 30, 2009

See I told you

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Since our house locates downtown in Nagoya, the fifth largest city in Japan, there are lots of fun and excitements of a urban life within a few minutes' walking, biking, driving, taking a subway, city bus-----whatever. This evening I had a time to stop by at this shopping mall and I took some pictures.

Well, one thing you've got to be careful about windowshopping is that you have to keep your purse tight. Otherwise, you are tempted to whisper to yourself,
"Just one thing won't hurt me."
So here I am. I got a piece of Roquefort blue cheese from Dean and Deluca and chocolate from Pierre Marcolini.
"See I told you."


Pamela said...

mmmmmmm...chocolate...good for you!!

Dionne said...

I want to go! How lovely - Dean and Deluca is so good, and you can't go wrong with chocolate!


haha... it's so true!
But you deserved every goodness I'm sure... When I shop I always ask myself, " Do I want or do I need??"
...and the answer is always more on the 'want'! Lovely week dear, will catch up again when I get home soon~
ps: love the Fall leaves photos as well...
xo as always!

JOWY said...

YAYYYY!! chocolate does a girl good!

One Love,

Anya said...

I almost missing this post .... LOL

Lovely collage
and I love chocolate :-)