Saturday, November 07, 2009

Autumn blessings from our garden

We have one persimmon tree in our garden. We don't really take a good care of it. All we care about this tree is to put some fertilizer into some holes dug at the bottom of the tree near some of its roots. That all we do once in winter.
I looked up this persimmon tree this morning and found most of persimmon fruits are pretty much riped. The shinning color of orange and red of unpeeled fruits looks so delicious.
Why don't I keep them before all the birds come and eat them up.
Using an adjustable long scissors for cutting branches, I gathered about twenty fruits. That was more than I expected.
Of course, I left some persimmon for some birds.
I peeled it and cut it into some pieces and brought them to my mother-in-law.
This is one of her favorites.
Do you like persimmons?


Anya said...

Very sweet of you birds love it to eat persimmon !!

its yummie.......
I give my birds in my garden always food especially in the winter :))))

Have a wonderful sunday
special greetings for your Mother
Anya :)

Dionne said...

Oooh persimmons, how lovely! I would love to have a Persimmon Tree, they are delicious!

katztales said...

Adore them! Lucky birds, and lucky mum-in-law.


I love are so blessed to have that fruit tree! Delicious!!
Hope your mother-in-law continues to get well!