Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On a piece of paper

The other day, my daughter came home from school in Kyoto to spend the weekend with us.
She went to see her grandmother at hospital with me.
On her bed table, there's always a memo pad for her in any case she wants to write down something. My mother-in-law is, so to speak, a dedicated person and she's been keeping her diary everyday for years and is a big writer. I wanted her to keep it while in hospital so I brought her diary book and some postcards in her room but it seems that she is not in a mood to do so for now. So anyway, this is why a memo pad is around her.

And on this piece of paper, my daughter drew her grandmother simply out of her fun while she fell asleep. Since I've known that my daughter was not so keen on drawing when she was a small girl, I myself a bit surprised to see it. She did a good work. The next day I visited her in her room, I found my daughter's drawing is posted on the wall. Some nurses loved this drawing on her table and they posted it up on the wall. How nice! More than anything else, it is such a nice little excitement for her grandmother in a hospital room.

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Anya said...

Touching story !!!!
I hope its going better with your mother I will think on her