Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's hard to throw them into a trash box

(click each image for a full size)
I love everything beautiful , lovely and cute. They are sometimes postcards, greeting cards, wrapping papers, ribbons, boxes that I've just received in my daily life.
And the moment I find them "pretty!", it's hard to throw them into a trash box-----I just keep them.
So here are some of the examples which I keep as my little satisfactions.
These are direct mails from L'OCCITANE Japan.
Since each direct mail is so well-designed and I just love every illustration and drawing and its layouts. I wonder how many artists work for this and how much L'OCCITANE spends for advertising in the world market.
Anyway, don't laugh at me.
It's a small excitement when I find a L'OCCITANE DM in my house mailbox.
What kind of surprising are they going to give me this time?
They are so cute-------"kawaii" in Japanese.


Anya said...

I collect also cards :-)
I will make a picture of it !!!!

Have a nice day
(I hope its going a little better with your Mother...)

Anya :)

Dionne said...

Oh my goodness! YOu have quite the collection saved up! But you are right, how could you throw away such cuteness? These are lovely!

katztales said...

Noe that's a big collection! We're waiting to see what you're going to make from it. A collage???


haha... I do it too often as well!
I have to control myself, otherwise I need to move to a bigger house!
You should do something creative with them, collage & frame them as your art projects...that would be lovely!
...I adore anything cute as well, that's why I love visiting Japan, lots of them. Great new week to you~