Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas table setting in an old Japanese house

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On the way back home after I drove my husband to his office in the morning, an idea of having a fun just came up in my mind. I've known there are some little but nice museums which are used to be ones private residence near his office. The one I visited is the museum that was once a residence of a Japanese ceramics exporter who made his fortune in the middle of the 19th century.
Japanese- and Western-style buildings are preserved on a large block of land, plus two storehouses—one in the west and the other in the east—a tea room, and a garden. The other day I visited here, they displayed the Christmas dinner table settings in the Japanese -style rooms. It was a good combination of the western and the eastern different culture.


Dionne said...

Wow, I checked out the museum link, and the house looks like the houses around here. It's cool that it mixes the eastern and western culture.

Anya said...

Very special houses at your place :-)
I am waiting on your Christmas post
I want to see how it is in your country :-)

katztales said...

Checking this out.... and it looks GREAT! How lucky you are to live in a place with so much cultural wealth. I miss Madrid and Amsterdam and Glasgow. Malaysian museums are just not up to par.


I simple adore zen Japanese garden...I miss Japan!