Friday, November 27, 2009

Beautiful Autumn colors

When the fall deepens, many leaves start changing its colors from green to yellow and red even on the trees along the streets of the center of the city.
Even at our garden we can enjoy viewing autumn leaves. It's really fortunate that we have many trees in our garden though our house locates in the middle of the city.
While the temperature repeats getting up and down several times at this time of the season, the leaves start changing colors and this temperature difference makes colors more brilliant red.

It's just breathtaking to look at the red leaves on the maple trees and I love ducking under them and looking up the leaves. When they starts falling on the ground , the winter is getting close to us.


Little Miss Tiara said...

oh my! They're so pretty! SO autumney! :D all red and pretty! I've never seen ones like that here, as we have only two seasons. :|

Anya said...

I love also fall
in our country are all leaves on the ground now !!!!
Unique shots today :-)

Have a nice weekend !!

Anya said...

Can you play :-)
Its easy !!!!

Anya :)

photojoy said...

Tiara and Anya, thank you for comments.
And to Anya, thank you for sharing the website of photos. It's really fun and exciting.

katztales said...

How beautiful! I really miss autumn; monsoon is NOT the same!

Pamela said...

absolutely GORGEOUS!!!