Sunday, January 16, 2005

Entrance Exams

This is the sencond day of the university entrance exams by the Center for University Entrance Examinations. The test center my daughter was assigned is far away from the nearest subway station. The applicants are supposed to walk about 30 minutues on this cold and windy day of the winter. There is a city bus but which runs only once every one hour. Moreover, it was rainning yesterday, the first day of the exams. She had to get in a room by 9:10 at latest and her exam was over at 6:30 in the evening.
So I've decided to drive her to her center for the exams by way of the Nagoya city freeway. I drove in about 30 minutes from the west of the city where our house is to the east of the city the exam center is located. That's a quite fast and comfortable driving. If she uses the subway and walks, it would have taken more than 1 hours to get. I wonder why the Center office did pick up such a high school which locates in a inconvenient place as a exam center. There are more than 700 exam centers across Japan for two days. I bet there should be many out of 520,000 applicants across the nation who are forced to make a hard journey to a exam center before they really fight with their exams all day.
Wish them for a big "Good Luck!".

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