Saturday, January 08, 2005

No choice

My son has just come home for holidays from his university. When he comes home, there are always some adjustments I'm supposed to accept. First and foremost the amount of cooking meals is doubled, more laundries than usual, sudden shopping necessity owing to his poor interests in men's fashon---but more than this, he enjoys the previledge of driving my car. He took a driver's license this past summer but had no chance to drive since then. It's funny to see him coming up to me with two sheet of green-leaf-shaped stickers with his hands asking if he uses my car or not. In order to drive, he must put these sticker on a car body to draw other drivers' attention that he is just a biginner. He has no choice to own his new car now while he has a definite desire to get his favorite car someday. It's a "cappuccino" from Suzuki. My car is Toyota "Hi-ace" one box car. These are two extremes in size and shape. Sorry, he has no choice.

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Mrs. W said...

His car from the front almost looks like a Porche.

I got my license when I was 16 years old!!! But we had what was called a "Cinderella License" for 2 years- where you can't drive after midnight! My fisrt car was a 1993 Plymouth Duster. I had it until it was stolen in 2003. :-(