Sunday, January 16, 2005

City freeway

So I drove the city free way to take my daughter to the exam center.
On the way back home, I took out my cell phone and look what I did. Here are some shots on the way. It has been just a couple of years since this freeway was open if I remember correctly. It's neat and comfortable and swiftly leads me to the east end of the city.
The road pulls into a underpass and the lightning in the tunnel is beautiful with orange color. And the freeway is connected to the next freeway to get back to home which pulls into a overpass. This was Sunday morning, the traffic was so much light that gave me an idea to take out my cell phone for good shots.

1 comment:

Mrs. W said...

What kind or brand of cell phone are you using?!? The shots are amazing!

I'll post the pictures from my trip tomorrow. :-)